Principal’s Message

Our Abc Academy provides a unique opportunity for all-round education. It has the security of the rich Aryan tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child’s potential to the fullest.

We endeavor to see that our children acquire a broad range of skills, love of learning, tolerance, and respect for the beliefs of others and basic values of truth and honesty. We expect a lot of our children and the school in return gives of itself unsparingly.

Excellent facilities provided for games and extra-curricular are an indication of the emphasis laid on the development of the child outside and beyond the classroom. The previous academic year passed the corridors of time swiftly, but not without making significant pauses at the pillars of excellence. With God’s blessings of abundant grace, the team spirit of the staff and modern technology, we took magnificent strides in academics, sports, dramatics, scientific and other fields.

Aryan has stayed true to the spirit of education while keeping pace with modern technology, and this is abundantly evident from the students’ performance at the CBSE and School annual assessments. Many of our students have excelled in many fields while others have found a new meaning to learning and have made considerable progress at their own pace. More importantly, our students are learning how to be good human beings.

At Aryabhatta, pupils are taught how to ‘add life to years’ in a proper manner! As Head of this institution, it is my joy to revolutionize the learning experience of each pupil here!

Shri Narayan Upadhyaya